Black Friday Deals for Computers and Accessories


Next week it’s Black Friday, where store’s sell things slightly cheaper, here are a few games, computers, desktops and more!

Gaming headphones are 65% off! Were £29, now £10.19! Here is the link:

Speakers, were £80, now £20! Here is the link for them

Here is a link for a monitor, was £1200, now £372!

Here is a link for a computer, was £1050, now £890!

Comment any games you would like a review on!


MineCraft On the Xbox One – A review

Minecraft is a “sandbox” game where you can do, build and create whatever you want. It is mainly about placing blocks half your height to make sculptures or houses. Mojang have recently added minigames such as Battle, Tumble and Glide. The Battle minigame is about hunger games where you have chests in the middle and have to collect resources and kill other players. Tumble is a remake of Spleef, where you have to break blocks like snow and dirt with a shovel so that other players fall though the holes and die in lava. You can also throw snowballs at the ground to break it as well. Glide is about flying through hoops to get points with an elytra (a cape) without crashing. I think this is a good game because it is mainly about your imagination so you can do what you want in it.